Eli Lilly & Company Urine Sugar Test Kit Ca. 1950


Eli Lilly & Company Urine Sugar Test Kit Ca. 1950

Used test kit

Test Kit includes the following:
• Directions for using the kit (Paper)
• Empty Copper Sulfate Bottle
• Pipette with a rubber bulb
• Glass test tube
• Glass stir rod with rubber bulb
• Empty Methenamine bottle
• Polymer box

Not there should be a piece of paper testing outcome colors to match with test results. This is the only piece missing. This type of test is common and the colors can be found online.

Note: Both chemical bottles have content residue on the inside and maybe harmful to you health.

Condition (7/10) Fine Overall. Rubber bulb on pipette has hardened and is not usable. Box shows minor signs of wear and still closes nicely. Some test residue left on the test tub holder and pipette.

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 lbs