The Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Souvenir Photograph Booklet Ca 1905


The Fort Worth and Denver City Railway Souvenir Photograph Booklet Ca 1905

24 printed photographs on 9 pages of scenery along the Colorado part of The Fort Worth and Denver City Railway. This section of railroad was called “ The Denver Road”.

This booklet folds out at 9 different spots and is quite fragile (see condition)

Some of the photographs appear to be copies from famous photographers of the time. The Boulder Canon photo appears to be a J.B. Sturtevant copy.

Dimensions: Booklet = 6 ¼” by 4”, Unfolded = 40 ”

Condition (6.5/10) Fine Overall. The pictures are all in great shape and undamaged. The covers have edge wear and some small parts of corners are missing. The major factor in my condition rating is the fact that some pages have been repaired with mending tissue because they were separated completely or tearing at the folds. In total, two pages were completely reattached with mending tissue. Multiple repair spots can be seen.

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