Clean Milk by S.D. Belcher M.D. 1912 Hardback


Clean Milk by S.D. Belcher M.D. 1912 Hardback

This is a book on the production of clean milk for public consumption.

15 Chapters:
1. The Cow Yard and the Pasture
2. Manure
3. The Cow Barn
4. Isolation Quarters
5. The Improvement of a Dairy
6. The Cows
7. The Milker
8. Milk and Its Preservation
9. Milking
10. The Dairy Room and the Ice House
11. Utensils
12. The Bottling of Milk
13. The Opportunity of the Dealer
14. Market Milk
15. The Duty of the Consumer.

24 black and white illustrations of parts of the process. See Condition for details on one repair.

Ex-libris (University of Colorado)

Copyright 1903

Condition (8/10) Good Overall. Spin is strong. Pages are strong. One illustration on page 72 was dislodged from the book and repaired with mending tissue. There was no damage to anything but the inside edge of this page. Has usual library markings and stamps. Covers in good condition with slight signs of wear.

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