Laboratory Manual of the Massachusetts General Hospital 1928


Laboratory Manual of the Massachusetts General Hospital 1928

Former Library book from the Charles and Denison MD Memorial Library

The first edition of this work, published by the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1922, was prepared by a group of medical interns. Intended originally as a pocket outline of the routine laboratory work done by interns in the hospital, and for their guidance, it was soon found to be of interest to a much wider group; students and practitioners. A limited printing was therefore soon exhausted and a second edition was undertaken. The original text has been carefully checked and in many instances revised by Drs. Wheeler and Hunter. Certain procedures no longer used have been omitted.
Annals of Internal Medicine
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 101
Dimensions: 5 ¼” by 7”

Condition (8/10) Good Overall. Ex library with some markings on the inside of the book and outside. There is a library cold holder and card at the back. None of the markings affect page content. The binding is strong and shows light wear on the edges.


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