National Parks Portfolio Department of the Interior 1916 10 Booklets & Cover


National Parks Portfolio Department of the Interior 1916 with 10 Booklets

Cloth cover contains 10 separate booklets. Booklets are stapled and depict black and white pictures with related information. All park booklets have a map at the end. Contained booklets:

1. Contents Booklet and Introduction

2. Yellowstone National Park

3. Yosemite National Park

4. Sequoia National Park

5. Mount Rainer National Park

6. Crater Lake National Park

7. Mesa Verde National Park

8. Glacier National Park

9. Rocky Mountain National Park

10. Grand Canyon National Park

Inside of cover shows the United States map with park locations.

Condition: Cloth cover shows signs of wear near the top bottom of what would be the spine. There is no spine since the cloth cover just contains the booklets. Cloth cover shows sings of fraying in many locations. Some pencil markings on the inter of the cloth cover which are very faint. Booklets and cover contain small discolorations or splotches. Booklets are in near fine condition with no missing pages or major damage. All pictures and content are near fine condition with no major damage.

I have had some questions pertaining to the publication date. Here is a url that states the 1916 publication date:

I have a few more reference is you are interested. Just message me and I will gladly forward them to you.

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