SCHEDULE OF SPARE PARTS 1931 Rolls-Royce Bentley Mk. VI reprint 1970

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Complete Bentley Mk. VI parts list originally printed in 1931.  This is a copy reproduced in 1970 by Rolls-Royce. I believe this was made to order for a customer with a older vehicle.


Rolls-Royce Limited, Motor Car Division, Crewe, England.  Parts List, Bentley Mk. VI.  Rolls-Royce Limited, 1970.  Printed from Bentley Motors 1931 Limited. Index of Sections: General Information; Specifications and Special Tool Kits; Lubrication; Engine; Clutch; Gearbox; Propeller Shaft and Universal Joints; Brakes; Rear Axle and Drive Shafts; Front Suspension (Independent); Steering; Springs and Shock Dampers; Fuel and Carburation; Electrical and Ignition; Radiator and Cooling System; Exhaust System; Wheels and Tires; Frame; Hubs; Body; and Standard Parts.  1 fold-out Group M1 and Group N7schematics.


4 ring binder holding all the pages together.


No pages number but there are about 200 plus.


Weight = 3 lb 9 oz


Dimensions: 11” by 9 ½” by 1 ½”


Condition: (7/10) Ok Overall: 4 ring binder shows signs of wear and has smudge marks all around.  All pages are in good condition but have smudges marks on them.  The front inside pages cover with 1970 looks newer than the other pages. It hard to tell if Rolls-Royce copied the 1931 parts list or just put in a new cover sheet.  Pages are strong in the 4 ring binding.


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Weight 4.5 lbs
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