Sunrise Peak Aerial Railway Silver Plume Georgetown Colorado Brochure 1907-1917


Sunrise Peak Aerial Railway Silver Plume Georgetown Colorado Brochure 1907-1917

An amazing rare piece of history that only lasted for 10 years over a 100 years ago.


Near this spot, the Argentine Central trains departed from the Colorado & Southern pavilion, winding its way up Leavenworth Mountain, carrying freight traffic and tourists nearly 16 miles toward the summit of Mt. McClellan. In addition to riding the “Georgetown Loop” and the Argentine Central, sightseers could take a thrilling ride on an aerial tramway up to the summit of Sunrise Peak. Constructed between 1906-1907 by the Colorado Mines and Aerial Tramway Company, the contrivance consisted of a total of 36 cars or buckets, capable of carrying four passengers each, suspended from two wheeled trolleys traveling on 1 ½ inch cables. The cables were supported on fixed towers varying in height from twenty to sixty feet. At a speed of about 350 feet per minute, tourists could take a ride “to the sky in a bucket” and back down to Silver Plume within an hour and at the cost of $1. An article in the September 20, 1908 Rocky Mountain News described the tramway as “safer than a boat or a train.” To insure safety, tests were conducted by running the tramway at full speed with 800 pounds of rock loaded each car. However, much like the Argentine Central, the tramway had its share of setbacks. It operated off-and-on from 1907 until the end of the summer of 1917, when the aerial tramway was sold for scrap. One of the few remaining towers of the tramway, located at the crest of Mt. McClellan, is only visible remnant that can be seen from Silver Plume.

~Source Clear Creek County website Document 7799

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