William Radam Microbe Killer Embossed Stoneware Jug ca. 1905


William Radam Microbe Killer Embossed Stoneware Jug ca. 1905

A nice WM. Radam stoneware jug with embossed lettering on the top.

On the bottom back is the Letter “F” which most likely designates the type of stoneware used for this brand.

A Typical ad for this product would read as the follows
“Drink a wineglassful of Radam’s Microbe Killer after meals and at bedtime and it will prevent and cure disease by destroying bacteria, the organic life that causes fermentation and decay of the blood, the tissues and the vital organs.

Radam’s Microbe Killer is the only known antiseptic principle that will destroy the germs of disease in the blood without injury to the tissues. Pleasant to the taste and agreeable to the most delicate stomach. A purely scientific remedy, recognized as a true specific.”

Dimensions: 11 ½” Tall, Diameter = 7”

Weight = 5 lb 7 oz

Condition (8/10) Good Overall. This jug has a few chips, one being at the lip and 3 on the bottom (SEE PICTURES). There are no cracks! The handle is strong and in excellent shape. Embossing is in excellent condition.

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